Playgrit is the New Shuffle!

Want a shuffled playlist but still in need of some control? Maybe start with a little Rock and end with some Christian Rap?

PlayGrit is a grid representing songs in your iTunes library. All songs are represented by a single colored dot. The color represents the sorting entity. By default the grid is sorted by genre, so each color represents a different genre.

On this grid you can draw a line connecting the dots and thus creating an ordered list of songs or playlist.


  • draw a playlist
  • sort the grid by genre, artist, album or year
  • skip or jump to tracks in the playlist in the playlist view
  • see which dot represents which song by using the magnifying glass
  • use airplay to stream your music to an airplayenabled device
  • fill the grid with all tracks in your devices’ library or select a single (iTunes-) playlist
Cost1.99 $ / 1.59 €
Made WithNative iOS
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